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Hello & Welcome

Thank you for your curiosity & willingness to take the next step in your meditation & mindful living journey.

This is an exciting opportunity to re~create your life through discovering & designing a meditation practice with Jen to help you deepen your experience of being alive by dedicating yourself to this co~created practice.

Whether you are a spiritual seeker or a scientific mind, this course will provide you with opportunities to explore both.

As with all we offer, the invitation is always to choose your own adventure.

You are your own expert ~ so take what works & leave the rest... for now.

Remembering you can always return to information that at this time may seem challenging & uncomfortable, but may become supportive to you later in your journey.

The intention of this 8-week program with Jen is that you will discover a deeper understanding & experience of meditation, guiding you through a process to deliberately design a unique & personal self-guided practice that will re~create your life from the inside out.


You will design a practice that honours & enlivens your physical, energetic, emotional & spiritual self.

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, this course helps you build your own unique practice,

starting from a 2-minute practice in Week 1, to a daily 30-minute practice in Week 8 designed to last you a lifetime.


This 8-week course is designed to be done in your own time.

Through a series of videos, recordings, practices, journalling exercises, mindful movement sessions & more... let Jen be your guide on the side as you discover, design, & deepen into a practice entirely unique to you, dedicating yourself to your re~creation.

Just some of the extra benefits of taking the course...


Recorded Meditations & Exercises designed specifically for this journey, these are not available anywhere else.


Printable calendars for your 8-week journey on the course & for ongoing practice (designed for lifelong use)


Invitation to celebrate your devotion & re~creation on a live personal call with Jen after 6 months ~ 1 year of practice

It is an honour to serve you with this offering, so please take time to explore below to start your journey...

Here's to the re~creation of your life's adventure!

With love,

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Each week we will be discovering different meditation practices & their benefits for our mind, body & spirit. Equal importance is placed on the scientifically proven benefits as well as the spiritually believed benefits of these practices. You are your own expert, so please choose your own adventure & take what works for you as you designed your own unique practice.

As we explore together over the 8-weeks, we will be slowly building up to a 30-minute daily practice. Weaving together mindful movement, breathwork, mantra, prayer, chanting, visualisation, and so much more, this 8-week experience will help you discover & design a personal practice that will last you a lifetime & lead to tangible re~creation of your lived experience from the inside out.

It is time to dedicate yourself to your practice. Whether you make time in the morning, during the day or at night ~ it is our promise that if you devote yourself to this practice each day, you will begin to see significant shifts toward what you seek & aligned with your intentions that brought you here. Building from a 2 minute practice in Week 1, to a 30-minute practice in Week 8 and beyond, this course is for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

After the 8-weeks, deepen your practice by committing daily for a minimum of 6 months. Using the calendar & journalling exercises, remain curious as you record your experience ~ a fascinating gift to give your future yourself. After 6 months, we trust that you will have not only deepened your relationship with yourself but also be feeling real shifts within & experiencing tangible change in your outer world as well aligned with your intentions for your practice. You will be invited to have a live call with Jen as a reflection & celebration of your personal re~creation.


For your personal re~creation, this is an invitation to 'offer what you can' in return.  


Please know your support allows us to:

~ Continue providing free meditation & mindful living offerings online

~ Continue caring for caregivers through our Nurture Your Nature Program

~ Continue supporting causes around the world chosen by our Podcast guests


We are deeply grateful to all who appreciate our offerings & are able to support us to be of service to all who practice.


The foundation of this service is our belief that personal growth opportunities should be accessible to all who seek them.

That means removing barriers to access ~ including financial.

If you are unable to contribute support at this time, we trust that the time will arise when you are.

Allow us to support your journey through our free meditations & resources, or consider our personal meditation offering.

Then when you are able, return here & know we are honoured to support the next step of your journey.

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