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Welcome to your own unique inner exploration.

Our 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style allows you to navigate, map & better understand your inner world while

helping you re~create your everyday experience by discovering meditation & mindful living.


We are passionate about helping people find their way home to themselves through...

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Meditation Practice

We believe daily meditation practice is the foundation for a deep & profound yet joyful & liberated life experience.

Finding a sense of belonging within yourself means you are at home wherever you may be. Your number one relationship is with yourself - being in love with your life means being in alignment with you who truly are... let is help you get back home.

Mindful Living

We believe by remaining in the present moment, we become empowered to navigate our daily lived experience peacefully no matter the circumstances.

We believe everything you desire is because you believe you will feel better when you do, become or have it.

Living your life with love starts by being present, aware & awake to the possibilities in each moment.

Meaningful Giving

Our content is free for all.

If you find our meditations helpful on your journey, please consider supporting our work. By doing so, you empower us to keep our content free as well as support our Nurture Your Nature Program for caregivers around the world ~ if you identify as a caregiver of any kind, please join.

Let your own practice of meditation & mindful living have a ripple effect around the world through Re~Creation.




We welcome you to meditate with us on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify & wherever you access podcasts for free

Choose your own adventure to make meditation & mindfulness a part of your life no matter where you are...


Below you will find our current offerings designed to help you (re)discover & deepen your practice


A gentle reminder here, just as there is no "right" way to meditate, there is no "right" place to begin.

Follow what calls to you & feels most available to you where you are in this moment.

You are your own expert, so trust yourself to choose & in the wise words of Pema Chödrön...

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These meditations celebrate the power of poetry as a tool for inner expansion. Poetry is a mirror for our shared humanity and experience, reminding us that we can turn our wounds to wisdom & our awe into inspiration. May these poetic meditations soothe, support & serve you on your journey.


Discover meditation and deepen your practice with music. When first starting to meditate, silence can be overwhelming, causing many to give up. These practices are designed to remind us that meditation comes in many different forms using music as a powerful way to embrace our practice.


This collection of meditations are designed to help you (re)discover, nurture & grow the traits (inherent), characteristics (acquired), patterns, feelings & emotional states you wish to cultivate & experience within.


These meditations are small, but mighty. Designed with the intention that you can press play anywhere & anytime to gently yet powerfully return home to yourself even if you only have a few minutes.


These unique meditations are designed by caregivers, for caregivers. We are all natural caregivers ~ whether for elders, children, friends, family, patients, animals or nature. These meditations reflect both the rewarding & challenging experiences of caring, helping us to find liberation within responsibility. 


Discover meditation and deepen your practice with movement. When first starting to meditate, stillness can be overwhelming, causing many to give up. These practices are designed to remind us that meditation comes in many different forms using movement as a powerful way to embrace our practice.


This collection of meditations is designed to help you witness, honour & release the traits, characteristics, patterns, feelings & emotional states you believe are no longer serving you in your lived experience.


These meditations are designed to help guide you into deep rest. Whether that is non-sleep rest during the day or deep sleep at night, let these practices invite you to let go & find the rest you deserve.


These meditations explore the power of breathwork. Designed as introductions to diverse breathing techniques scientifically proven to tap into your para-sympathetic nervous system & believed to spiritually deepen your connection to Self.


These meditations acknowledge the different paths that bring us to practice. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or a scientific mind, we trust that this collection will allow you to explore, experience & expand in the way that feels best to you.



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Discover, Design,
Dedicate & Deepen


Whether you are looking to discover meditation & mindfulness or are interested in designing your own unique practice, collaborate with Jen to embark deeper on your inner adventure.


As well as our free guided practices designed to help you feel safe, supported & adventure ready for wherever life takes you ~ you can take this further by requesting a personal meditation designed for you & with you to deepen your practice.

We also have a course coming soon where you can work with Jen 1-on-1 to map your inner landscape & design your own unique & life-changing practice. Click co~create to learn more...

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We are deeply grateful to all who appreciate our offerings & are able to support us to be of service.

Please know your support allows us to:

Continue providing free meditation & mindful living offerings online

Continue caring for caregivers through our Nurture Your Nature Program

Continue supporting causes around the world chosen by our Podcast guests


The foundation of this service is our belief that personal growth opportunities should be accessible to all who seek them. 

That means removing barriers to access ~ including financial.

If you are unable to contribute support at this time, we trust that the time will arise when you are.

Please allow us to support your journey & should the time arise when you are able to support ours, thank you.

To support our offerings click below...


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After 33 years of external adventure... Jen discovered the ultimate adventure was exploring within

The shift from outer to inner world exploration came through her experiencing a depression that stemmed from separation from Self but opened her to deep healing & a renewed life perspective.

Her own explorations helped her discover freedom through...

~ Meditation & Mindful Living 

~ Stillness, Solitude & Silence

~ Balancing Inner & Outer Adventure

~ Seasons in Nature & Seasons in Life

~ Mapping & Navigating her Inner World

~ Meaningful Connection to All Life

~ Being of Service to the Wider World

~ Spiritual Exploration & Knowing

and much more...

Jen's unique perspective is shaped by her external human experiences as a... 

Certified Meditation & Mindful Living Teacher with the Lab of Meditation

Entrepreneur dedicated to Social & Environmental Responsibility

Long-Term Primary Caregiver with End of Life Care Experience

Photographer, Public Speaker, Program Leader & Podcast Host

Geographer with an MSc in Environment, Science & Society

International Expedition Leader, Co-ordinator & Filmmaker

Certified Fitness & Sport Coach Specialising in Watersports

Board & Committee Member for Diverse Organisations

Caretaker & Steward of 200+ Acres of Nature

Volunteer for Multiple and Diverse Charities

Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, 'Aunt', Friend

Sailor, Swimmer, Paddler, Scuba Diver, Trekker...


Through lived experience of planning & leading global expeditions as well as creating several diverse small businesses & initiatives, she fell in love with re~creating her recreational passions into her lifestyle & livelihood. The intention of all being built on a foundation of social & environmental responsibility.


Whether sailing across an Ocean, trekking up a mountain or paddling remote regions unsupported, she has learned through first-hand experience that it takes mental & physical training to thrive through adventure.

She believes those same lessons apply in our everyday experience of our life's adventure.

Despite her outer experience, she believes the greatest adventure she has had was turning inward.

Re~Creation is about curiosity & willingness to find out how we can re~create our lives and the world. Learning to embrace, navigate & celebrate all the opportunities for meaningful change that come our way.


This background of exploration in her personal, professional and recreational worlds has led her to a stage in her life where she wants to help others to discover their own unique version of re~creation.

Jen has led and participated in a diverse range of international sport, conservation and charity expeditions; has been a certified fitness & sport coach for a decade; and has been creating and co-creating businesses & initiatives both in the UK and Canada ranging from filmmaking to expeditions, fitness to environmental protection, adventure citizen science to public speaking, outdoor recreation & now, inner exploration.

Through experiencing diverse forms of loss & as a primary caregiver for her grandmother for over a decade ~ Jen has navigated significant obstacles and opportunities that lived human experience has to offer. She believes that wounds can become wisdom & healing is possible for everyone.

Jen is excited to share her dedication to personal, social and environmental sustainability with you.

She founded Re~Creation as a platform to help inspire others to be prepared for & open to every adventure.

To discover their passion, purpose & pathway to re~creating their world.

Jen volunteers locally, regionally & internationally to advocate for connection and protection of our world. 


As much as she loves a grand adventure, she also finds equal inspiration & revelation exploring at home ~ learning that adventure, innovation & opportunity to instigate real positive change across the planet can be found exactly where you are both in our outer & inner worlds.

She has discovered the gift of mindful living ~ finding peace & joy in her daily lived experience whether chopping wood, walking with friends, savouring the first bite of food, the feeling of laughter, the release of tears, time spent with animals, smiles from strangers, capturing moments on camera & everything in between.



Hello & Welcome to Re~Creation Meditation.

I'm so glad you're here.

It is my belief, that everything we are looking for... is right where we are.

By being brave & going within ~ labels can be released, wounds healed & freedom found unconditionally.

Life is an adventure, lived best by being powerfully present with what each moment brings.

Who doesn't want to be 'Adventure Ready'?

To feel grounded & at home within

Willing to remain open to possibility

To live & lead from love rather than fear

Welcome all invitations to grow & evolve

Able to transform obstacles to opportunities

Live from aliveness rather than perceived wounds

Embrace all emotions like good friends & teachers

Bring their best selves to every relationship & experience

I know that this is my intention, to re~create my world within, so the outer world can know the best of me.

May we hold space for one another in the compassionate understanding of our shared human experience.

It is my greatest honour to play a part in your inner exploration.

Here's to your unique life adventure.

With Love,

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